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The buying process is very simple and intuitive , but still on this page we are going to explain the steps continue to have no doubt .

1st The event you wish to attend must select clicking the buy button , or the image of the event .

2nd Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase , as well as the input type . This color can be related each entry with the color of the infield . At the top , it appears the information that you are buying at all times. Select the number of entries and then click on the buy button on the type of entry you want to buy .

3rd On the next page will ask you to enter your personal data, also need to select the place of posting and if you want to invoice, you will need to provide your ID or VAT number of company. After completing the information we ask that you only have to click continue.

4th Depending on the shipping location you have chosen , the display may vary, it is a process as above. in This screen must be completed with your shipping boxes blank . If you decided to use Location Shipping : TBC , only you must remember to give us the shipping address as soon as possible , up to 2 days before the conclusion of event. To continue just have to click Continue again .

5th Here revise the order, if any data is incorrect should correct it. After must accept the terms and conditions click continue.

6th Payment gateway , this product is completely safe , you can buy with any credit card or debit card of any bank, should only enter your card details .

7th If the purchase was successful you will see a success message purchase and have shipped to your email previously provided confirmation of purchase. If it has not been correct operation contact us to see solution that we could give you.