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Can contact us at any time of the day to email or , and will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Can also contact us during business hours to phone 648 738 269 where you can solve your doubts in seconds .

To help us be more simple and easy, here we add information to the help that most of our clients want:

- Can not complete the purchase of tickets
This may be because you have not activated the card to use online shopping , so you have to go to any office of your bank and ask to buy online activation . If this is not the case , it might be because there is not sufficient funds on your card , simply change to a compatible card with funds. It may also be that found some data entered wrong card , check it and try again. If none of these solutions will have solved the problem , please contact us at , we will find a solution , such as another method payment .

- Shipping Outside Spain
Our delivery service is only ticket nationwide Islands , Ceuta , Melilla and Portugal. All events we have arranged for sale entries are in the Spanish region so you will inevitably come to Spain to attend them. If you do not know a shipping address you will facilitate the later pressing option Shipping Location : To be confirmed

- I have not got the confirmation email Cart
If you are sure you have successfully completed the purchase , it can be found that will come to the Spam folder ( spam ) , so check . If not , could it happen that it finds a problem existed with the bank server , because it is him that after the transaction sent to both the customer and us the confirmation email . If this has occurred , contact us and one of our technicians will be sent a confirmation email manually where you will see reflected the purchase, order number and details of the event.

- It's been several days and I have not gotten tickets
Sometimes it may take one or two days from the day of arrival estimation of entries to your shipping address, as well †do not despair. Still, if it's been several days, or urgently needed inputs , you can contact us †via e- mail or telephone.



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